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“For many years you love this someone truly and deeply. Then one day you made a decision to let him go because you don’t want to love someone that wasn’t meant for you. But deep in your heart, you can’t forget him but you don’t want to be frustrated if he didn’t loves you. Time flies, you’re engaged to someone else and some times after he got to know that, he too got engaged to a beautiful lady. Suddenly, somebody told you that he had kept his feelings for you all these years. But now, both of you are going to get married.. with someone else. You cry.. you told yourself, “I should have wait a little longer..” To marry with someone you love, is a gift and blessings from Allah. But to love someone you’re married to, is an honour and a responsibility. Move on. Allah knows best.”

Dah puas kau ?
Lega ? 
Bagus lah - 
Good job . 

Tapi jgn lupa ea - 
Kaffarah tuh ada ye . 
Hari ini kau ckp dia - 
Kutuk-ii dia -
Esok lusa mana tahu kau pulak -

Karma ? No ! . In islam . We call Kaffarah . What u give . U will get back - 
Tunggu dan lihat . 


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“Salam jumaat”
“Sometimes, Letting go is the best way to not hurting each others anymore. And a chance, For the person you loved, to be happy and smile again. :’)”
“Dear Future You, Hold on. Please. Love, Me. Dear Current You, I’m holding on. But it hurts. Love, Me. Dear Past You, I held on. Thank you. Love, Me.”